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Photoshop Wow!

It’s so popular and ubiquitous that it’s made its way from the computer screen to sitcoms and movies screens and […]

Design Strategy: Building Concentric Circles of Connection

Interaction is connection. But what if you can’t connect? How do you design an interaction for someone who can neither see these words, nor hear you speak them?

Cindy Chastain: Experience Themes

Experience Themes: An Element of Story Applied to Design Fiction writers weave stories around themes. Musicians create thematic concept albums. […]

RedUX DC ’09 – Part 4

Dave Cooksey: Taxonomy Validation The goal of taxonomy testing is to confirm that a taxonomy’s structure enables users to find […]

RedUX DC ’09 – Part 3

Cindy Chastain: Experience Themes: An Element of Story Applied to Design As designers we too often neglect to define a […]

RedUX DC ’09 – Part 2a

Todd Zaki Warfel: Sketching & Prototyping: Rapid Design Techniques Bio: Todd Zaki Warfel, founder and principal design researcher at Messagefirst, […]

redUX DC ‘09 – Part 2

Making the Case for Social Networks in Organizational Settings Olga Howard: Why should your company/organization use social networking tools within […]

redUX DC ‘09 – Part 1

Whitney Hess: Evangelizing Yourself: You Can’t Change the World If No One Knows Your Name Bio: Whitney Hess is an […]