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The UX Workshop (TUXW) is always looking for new contributors and new UX ideas to showcase. Perhaps the person we are looking for is you! There are many ways that you can be part of our community of interest. Please contact us and let’s get the conversation started!

For some of you, this may be your first experience with the world of digital video in the service of user experience design. If that’s the case, we suggest you read through the sections below.

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Creating an Event

We are pleased that you have decided to participate in a UX workshop. The following will help you organize your event. Let’s begin with the three phases of event production.

The Three Phases of Event Production

At it’s most basic, the process of making an event consists of three distinct phases. Each phase requires different actions, content and communications in order to be successful. The information below will help you stay on track.


  • URL: This is the URL you receive from The UX Workshop when you create a post.
  • This is the shortened version of the URL that will be promoted through social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook. Use this link in all your promotions leading up to the event.
  • “While you’re waiting” Content: This is the content that will be presented before the show. This can be a single informational slide, or a mini-presentation in itself.
  • Twitter, Facebook and Friendfeed: Create posts at all of these sites in order to gather attendees to your event. We follow friends in all these places.
  • Event Blasts: Events have to be promoted more than once in order to get the attention they deserve. Sites like CoTweet can automate this process.
  • Ticket Arrangements: If this a private event for a select audience, you will need to arrange for an online ticketing service like EventBrite to process tickets and handle payments.

Live Show

  • Same URL: This is the same URL as the pre-show URL
  • Twitter, Facebook, Friendfeed: Send announcements in these areas again to remind folks the event is about to start or is now happening.


  • Tweet, Facebook, Friendfeed: Send announcements in these areas to remind folks they can come back to see the recorded show now that it’s ready.

Venue and Event Sponsorship

Every event needs a venue and, ideally, some sort of outside sponsorship to help underwrite the cost of producing the event. You can view other events for examples of sponsors. The venue sponsor and the overall or executive event sponsor many times are different entities.

Presenting and Managing Your Event

A good place to start is to follow advice presented on the VideoMaker website. TUXW will be presenting our own advice on this topic over time.

Are you not able to afford the equipment you need to get started? Are you or your organization doing work that helps the greater good and moves the practice of UX forward for everyone? If so, perhaps we can help. Please contact us to find out more.

Posting an Event

Do you an event, seminar, tutorial or research video you’d like to post on The UX Workshop site? Do you have an event you’d like to get on our editorial calendar? If you do, please contact us. Non-disclosure, release forms and confidentiality agreements are available when necessary.

If you have something that’s already produced and ready for showing, please send those to us as well. If your submission passes our editorial review, we’ll post it on our channel for all the world to see! To get started, fill out the form below.

TUXW uses for all their video uploads. To get an understanding of what sort of content will be allowed to be posted to TUXW’s channel, read the site’s mission and principles, terms of use, and content FAQs. Your video will appear on The UX Workshop’s channel once it has been reviewed by TUXW editorial staff to ensure that it follows the video guidelines. To begin the process, upload your video using the form below.

Please note that you will need to be a registered user of TUXW site before you can upload video. Sign up for free! Users in good standing may, at TUXW’s discretion, be granted access the TUXW’s pro account on Having a TUXW account will allow you to put your videos on the TUXW’s channel. This allows you to expand your audience reach by leveraging our collective web traffic to bring attention to your work.

Send Us an Event for Posting or Submit a Show Idea

Encouraging new UX talent and spreading the word about good user experience is part of our mission! If you have an idea about an individual event or an on-going digital video show you’d like to discuss with us, just fill out the form below! Non-disclosure, release forms and confidentiality agreements are available when necessary. Let us help you take your great ideas to the next level!

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