“What is a Browser?”

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Came across this eye-opener and thought, “Wow, this is what people think when they use the Internet?” Certainly gives some perspective into the people for whom we create online products. It things like like this that should remind us to not be so myopic in our design thinking; we must remember that we’re not designing for ourselves.

Original Article UXMAG “These are Your Users… Read and be Horrified.”

IxDA Interaction ’11 | Boulder – Promo

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IxDA is gearin’ up for another great event. This time in Boulder, Co. Can you say, “Snowboard Roadtrip!”? Looks to be a blast.


IxDA Interaction ’11 | Boulder

We’re pleased to announce the 2011 IxDA conference, to be held February 9-12, 2011 (Wednesday through Saturday), with pre-conference events on Wednesday the 9th.

The conference will be in stunning Boulder, Colorado; Boulder boasts gorgeous scenery, outdoor adventures, and a vibrant design community.

Presented by IxDA in partnership with Boulder Digital Works (BDW)

Video produced by:
Cruz Dann Productions

Guido Jimenez-Cruz

Leslie Dann

Guido Jimenez-Cruz, David Irons, Peter March, John Labriola, Leslie Dann

Director of photography:
Yun Rhee

Sound recordist:
Leslie Dann

Production associates:
Peter March, Jesse Wilbur, Andrew Mercando, Eduardo Ortiz

Editing and motion graphics:
Guido Jimenez-Cruz

Thanks to:
IxDA Interaction ’11 Committee – MJ Broadbent
LBi US – Patrick O’Flaherty, Frank Pedersen
R/GA – Chloe Gottlieb
R/GA Digital Studio – Stephen Barnwell, Jocelyn Birsch, Vin Farrell

Special thanks to the video participants:
Randy Beringer, Abigail Bridges, Andrew Chee, Ray DeLaPena, Fritz Desir, Christopher Fahey, Lis Hubert, David Irons, Peter Knocke, Peter March, Andrew Mercando, Kristine Mudd, Maalik Obasi, Mehera O’Brien, Eduardo Ortiz, Linh Pham, Mark Shewmaker, Jun Simmons, Jung Sin, John Tymkiw, Jesse Wilbur, Stephanie Wiseman

Smart.fm iPhone App: Learning Experience Concepts

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I had the pleasure of meeting Dane at Interactions ’10 in Savannah, GA. where we just talked a little about distance learning technologies and where the future might be headed… and how we’ll be there. :-) Here, Dane is imagining the possibilities for what “learning” using the Smart.fm iPhone app could look and feel like.

The Right Way to do Wireframes

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Here Todd Zaki Warfel from MessageFirst shows us the right way to do wireframes… I wonder at what point mouse his caught on fire.

HI, A Real Human Interface

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Original Post on Multitouch-Barcelona