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CSS3 in 3D

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CSS3 allows for greater control and creativity in web design. Attendees in this workshop will learn about using colors through RGBa and opacity, border images, text and box shadows, animations, transformations, and much, much more to enrich their design.

Content Curation is My Superpower – What’s Yours?

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So much web content sucks. Who will save the web from page after dreary page of lifeless, disjointed prose, and posts that go to die in huge sites? What we need is a hero to sort through this mess and save us from ourselves and our severely lacking content cycle. Enter content strategy!

Gasp as content strategy stops the speeding bullet of pointless pages. Thrill as content strategy uses x-ray vision to scan and assimilate your copy. Swoon as content strategy swoops to catch your writers as they meander from the point and into a ravine of redundant, outdated, trivial content. Watch agog as content strategy sets up a workflow to ensure there is always a fresh flow of consistent and creative content to your sites. Cheer as content strategy saves us from last minute panic about content while rescuing the kitten from the burning building!

You’ll learn how to audit content, create guides for content creators, create a workflow for editing and commissioning content, identify good and bad content, draft good copy, create meaningful error messages, govern existing copy, and work with and as part of a team creating content.

Photoshop Wow!

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It’s so popular and ubiquitous that it’s made its way from the computer screen to sitcoms and movies screens and into the common vernacular. It’s Photoshop – the swiss army knife of graphic design. Whether you are a novice or a seasoned pro, Photoshop is so versatile that there’s always a new tool to learn or effect to discover. During this fast and furious session, you’ll learn about Photoshop features, tips and tricks that you can use today. From masks to filters to panoramas, you will definitely be saying “wow”!

Battling Bureaucracy

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Why is it that so many web projects within public institutions are delivered late and fail to stay within budget?

In this session we discuss the challenges faced by institutional Web site managers and look at specific techniques to address issues such as design by committee, scope creep and internal politics.

Sustainable Design

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Sustainable design: it goes beyond the environment. 95% of the designers who have ever lived are alive today, and so it’s up to us to decide what our profession will be about. We live in a time of great fragility, yet there has never been more hope, and designers have never had so much power.

For the majority of humanity the Internet remains a rumor, but by the end of this decade most humans will be online. What will we choose to share with them: our style addictions … or ideas the world really needs to share? We can change the world. Let David Berman, author of Do Good Design, show you how. Design matters like never before, and the future of civilization is our common design project. Don’t just do good design, do good!