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User Experience Utopia ~ Nick Finck

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User Experience Matters

As our industry matures, we are starting to see a cataclysmic change in how we work within each of our fields. Information architecture, interaction design, visual design, usability, accessibility, content, and marketing are colliding to form a better and more valuable user experience.

Interaction is no longer an afterthought, overshadowed by visual design. “Just getting noticed” on the web is no longer sufficient – what you produce will now be judged by the value of your information and the ease of your experience. Today, users reign supreme.

Now’s the time to ask the tough questions: Are you properly investing resources, energy, and time in your user experience? Do you really, like really, know what your users want and need? How are you planning for the future?

In this presentation, we’ll explore the seven characteristics of good user experience, where technology and innovation are taking the interactive industry, and what milestones we’ll pass along the way.

What will I get of this session?
* A sense of where user experience is headed
* Knowledge of how context impacts the user experience
* An understanding of how new technologies are changing both context and user experience

Who should attend?
* User experience professionals
* Marketing executives and managers
* Online community managers
* Web designers and web developers
* Others who want to learn about user experience design

UXCamp DC 2010 – Rob Fay on Desirability

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In this episode Rob Fay discusses methods and methodologies in measuring desirability.

This episode was produced by Olga Howard and a team of students from the Center for Digital Imaging Arts at Georgetown.

Producer: Tysheka Pierson
Camera: Holden Boyles

“What is a Browser?”

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Came across this eye-opener and thought, “Wow, this is what people think when they use the Internet?” Certainly gives some perspective into the people for whom we create online products. It things like like this that should remind us to not be so myopic in our design thinking; we must remember that we’re not designing for ourselves.

Original Article UXMAG “These are Your Users… Read and be Horrified.”

SenseMaker Dialogs 2 – Rethinking the Boundaries of SenseMaking

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SenseMaker Dialogs speaker series focuses on exploring the rapidly changing hybrid activity of SenseMaking in the 21st century.

No longer just focused on data and information visualization, the boundaries of what sensemaking is and what sensemakers do in the context of organizations and society is in a state of rapid transformation like never before.

Leading sensemakers today have become integral to many forms of changemaking occurring in organizations and in societies around the world.

In SenseMaker Dialogs, speakers from diverse backgrounds will explore these shifts.

Richard Saul Wurman

SenseMaking pioneer, author of 80+ books, Chairman of the Entertainment Gathering, and TEDMED, Richard Saul Wurman is a force of nature. For those who might not know, it was 1976, when Richard coined the term Information Architect to describe professional sensemakers involved in what he referred to as the understanding business. Never resting on his laurels Wurman keeps creating amazing new projects year after year, including his most recent: Understanding Change & the Change in Understanding and Super Cities 19.20.21. The mission of the multi-year, multi media 19.20.21 initiative is to collect, organize and better understand population’s effect regarding urban and business planning and its impact on consumers around the world. An inspiration to many and always unpredictable Richard will likely be talking about his life long love of understanding.

Garry K. VanPatter

GK VanPatter is CoFounder of Humantific a SenseMaking-based Transformation Consultancy in New York. Humantific helps organizational leaders navigate complexity, drive change and build sustainable cross-disciplinary innovation capabilities. Working in the trenches of practice for 20+ years VanPatter was an early advocate of applying design thinking to the realms of cross-disciplinary strategy co-creation and organizational transformation. Today Humantific advocates recognition that many challenges facing organizations, societies and ultimately planet earth cannot be solved by creating more products and services. VanPatter also co-founded NextDesign Leadership Institute with Elizabeth Pastor in 2002. NextD creates lenses to understand design in the 21st century. Pointing to recent Social SenseMaking projects like Measure of America, VanPatter believes that SenseMaking and ChangeMaking have become equally important partners in the quest to create a more human-centered world.

IxDA Interaction ’11 | Boulder – Promo

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IxDA is gearin’ up for another great event. This time in Boulder, Co. Can you say, “Snowboard Roadtrip!”? Looks to be a blast.


IxDA Interaction ’11 | Boulder

We’re pleased to announce the 2011 IxDA conference, to be held February 9-12, 2011 (Wednesday through Saturday), with pre-conference events on Wednesday the 9th.

The conference will be in stunning Boulder, Colorado; Boulder boasts gorgeous scenery, outdoor adventures, and a vibrant design community.

Presented by IxDA in partnership with Boulder Digital Works (BDW)

Video produced by:
Cruz Dann Productions

Guido Jimenez-Cruz

Leslie Dann

Guido Jimenez-Cruz, David Irons, Peter March, John Labriola, Leslie Dann

Director of photography:
Yun Rhee

Sound recordist:
Leslie Dann

Production associates:
Peter March, Jesse Wilbur, Andrew Mercando, Eduardo Ortiz

Editing and motion graphics:
Guido Jimenez-Cruz

Thanks to:
IxDA Interaction ’11 Committee – MJ Broadbent
LBi US – Patrick O’Flaherty, Frank Pedersen
R/GA – Chloe Gottlieb
R/GA Digital Studio – Stephen Barnwell, Jocelyn Birsch, Vin Farrell

Special thanks to the video participants:
Randy Beringer, Abigail Bridges, Andrew Chee, Ray DeLaPena, Fritz Desir, Christopher Fahey, Lis Hubert, David Irons, Peter Knocke, Peter March, Andrew Mercando, Kristine Mudd, Maalik Obasi, Mehera O’Brien, Eduardo Ortiz, Linh Pham, Mark Shewmaker, Jun Simmons, Jung Sin, John Tymkiw, Jesse Wilbur, Stephanie Wiseman

Interaction10 redUX in NYC

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Interaction ‘10, the New York City Redux

Every year, the interaction design community gathers to stretch our minds,
sharpen our skills and inspire each other. Every year numerous people are
unable to attend and partake in this incredible opportunity – so we’re
bringing the conference to you, in New York City!

Join us on March 6th for “Interaction ‘10, the New York City Redux” and
listen to a group of the conference speakers. We’ll have breakfast, lunch
and an after-party, you do NOT want to miss this.


Chris Avore
MJ Broadbent
Cindy Chastain
Allan Chochinov
Will Evans
Chris Fahey
Alexis Lloyd
Greg Vasallo
Todd Zaki Warfel

About IxDA

With over 10,000 members and more than 80 local groups around the world, the IxDA network actively focuses on interaction design issues for the practitioner no matter his or her level of experience. IxDA is a novel kind of “un-organization” and relies on its passionate members to help serve the needs of the international Interaction Design community.

The IxDA New York City local group is a vibrant community of people interested in interaction design who meet monthly at face-to-face events. Programming is created by a volunteer group of local leaders and realized through the generosity of speakers, sponsors, and host partners.

To learn more, please visit

About the Host

The new MFA in Interaction Design at the SVA is an inventive two-year program that trains students to intimately understand how design can affect human behavior, and to think more holistically about the products and services they’re creating. The program explores the strategic role of interaction design in shaping everyday life, and intends to increase the relevancy of design to business and society so designers can make a difference. iPhone App: Learning Experience Concepts

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I had the pleasure of meeting Dane at Interactions ’10 in Savannah, GA. where we just talked a little about distance learning technologies and where the future might be headed… and how we’ll be there. :-) Here, Dane is imagining the possibilities for what “learning” using the iPhone app could look and feel like.

UXCamp DC 2011

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UXCamp DC is about bringing together the area’s foremost thinkers and practitioners: sharing the big ideas that inspire.

UXCamp DC is an ad-hoc un-conference and is part of the larger BarCamp movement. The focus of this camp is user experience–online and offline. There is no set agenda until everyone gathers. Attendees are required to participate to some degree: either by leading a discussion, showing a demo, or by creating another type of collaborative session.

User Research Friday 2010

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User Research Friday is a casual half-day conference brought to you by the gentle folks at Bolt | Peters. We bring user research experts together for advanced discussion, beverages, relaxed learning, and heavy socializing. Past attendees have included design, UX, and research superstars from organizations including IBM, Google, Nokia, HP, Stanford, Genentech, Intuit, Schwab, Williams-Sonoma, Cooper, Adaptive Path, Frog Design, SAP, Intel and hundreds more.


We’ll be using our brand new building in the SOMA area here in San Francisco. Think skylights, big open space, and enough HVAC to . It’s an easy walk from Civic Center and the new Federal Building, and right around the corner from Custom Lounge, which is where the happy hour will be, in conjunction with IxDA SF.

The Right Way to do Wireframes

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Here Todd Zaki Warfel from MessageFirst shows us the right way to do wireframes… I wonder at what point mouse his caught on fire.